Profile A. Rajan
Group Head-Operations
HDFC Bank-India

Rajan is the Group Head-Operations of HDFC Bank, India. In this position, Rajan leads a team of senior Operations Heads who provide specialized operational support to various business divisions of the Bank like Corporate banking, Retail banking, Treasury, DP & Custodial Business, Credit Card Division, Capital Markets, Commodity Finance, Financial Institutions Group etc. Before joining HDFC Bank, he was the Operations Officer of Bank of America at its branches at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai at various points of time.

Background :
  • Rajan is a Management professional with over 27 years experience in all aspects of Operations in International and Domestic Banking with significant accomplishments in operations integration, system implementation and setting up of centralized operations infrastructure to support business processes across a widely distributed geography and product range.
  • During his banking career, he had the unique experience of setting up operations of two new banks located in totally diverse environments, right from their inception stages. He was instrumental in creating a resilient and growing operations infrastructure for them.
  • Under Rajan's leadership, the Operations of HDFC Bank has significantly leveraged from substantial investment in technology and all the processes are continuously being revamped with aggressive quality initiative measures like Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, 5-S, etc., to derive optimum efficiency in cost and productivity. The Bank's Operations function are fast evolving from a traditional role of being an efficient processing support function into that of a dynamic business enabler, to meet the challenging requirements of customer centricity and the changing trends caused by globalization.