Profile Dr. Gandhi P.C. Kaza
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Dr. K.P.C. Gandhi is the
  • Former IG of Police and Director of AP Forensic Science Labs served 36 years in Central and State Police Organizations (1970 – 2007)
  • Founder of Crime Stoppers in India, March 12, 2007 as a part of International Crime Stoppers Organization successfully functioning in 23 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe, etc.
  • Founder of Truth Foundation which has Truth Labs (India's first independent forensic lab) and Truth Finders (India's first Professional Detective agency equipped with Forensic Technologies) as subsidiaries
  • Co-founder of Genome Foundation, a Foundation which aims to quickly translate the benefits of Human Genome Project to the common man of India.

Dr. Gandhi has a
  • Bachelors degree in Physics from Andhra Loyola College, AP in 1966
  • Master's degree in Physics from Univ. of Rewa, MP in 1969
  • Master's degree in Gandhian thought from Madurai Kamraj University, TN in 1984
  • Master's degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, City University of New York, U.S.A in 1987
  • Ph.D in Physics from Osmania University, AP in 1986

Dr. Gandhi
  • Underwent training with FBI in USA and Scotland Yard in UK and Interpol in France
  • Worked Closely with FBI, Scotland Yard and other Police Establishments like RCMP in Canada, NRIPS in Japan, Bundes Kriminalante in Germany, National Police Agency in Singapore, etc

Dr. Gandhi's Family Background & Career Development
Dr. Gandhi was born on 24th January 1948, just before the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi. Coming from a family wedded to Gandhian values and traditions, was given the first name of Gandhi. Dr. Gandhi joined in Govt. of India's Intelligence Bureau Forensic Science Lab in 1970 and later joined AP State Police Service as Assistant Director Forensic Science Labs in 1976. He became APFSL's Director in 1992 and for the first time elevated in status to the rank of IG of Police, a distinction, first of its kind in India. Also Dr. Gandhi was one of the key person's in setting up of AP Police Academy which is reputed to be the best in India and one of the world’s best Academies.

Dr. Gandhi led APFSL to make it a Model Lab in India
  • Achieved ZERO PENDECY status in the first 100 days as Director by reporting all cases pending over several years
  • Initiated a program for quick disposal of cases in a 30-30-30 Plan. Under this program, Police were insisted to submit evidence for Forensic investigation within 30 days of registration of the case. APFSL delivered report within 30 days and Police were asked to submit charge sheets to courts within 30 days as per Supreme Court Mandate resulting in fast disposal of cases in Courts all over.
  • Became the first and only ISO 9001 & ISO 17025 accredited lab in India
  • Became the best Forensic Lab in India where any important and sensational cases of Central Govt. (CBI, CVC, RBI, etc.) or any State Govt.'s in India (From J&K to Kerala) were sent for Special Investigation. Examples are
    • NOIDA Nithari Child Murders Case
    • Tehlka Tapes Case
    • JMM Bribery Case
    • J&K Sex Scandal Case
    • Godhra Aftermath Riot cases
    • Delhi High Court Judge Corruption Case
    • Ahmedabad Magistrate Warrants on VIP's Case
    • Uttaranchal Police Recuritment Scandal Case
    • J & K Beauty Anara Gupta Porno Tapes Case
    • Judeo Cash on Camera Case

    Conceived and started M.A. Criminal Justice Course in Andhra University and M.Sc. Forensic Science Course in Osmania University Dr. Gandhi's Achievements, Awards and Distinguished Memberships include
    • Professional Excellence award from Former Deputy P.M and Home Minster L.K Advani in 2002
    • Distinguished Fellow Award from Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences in 2002
    • Life Time Achievement award from Medical Council of India in 2004
    • Distinguished Scientist award by AOAC, USA in 2005
    • Great Son of the Soil award from All India Intellectuals committee in 2006
    • Distinguished Member of International Association of Chiefs of Police, American Society of Crime Lab Directors and several other National and International bodies
    • Dedicated to Life Long Public Service
      After retiring in 2007, Dr Gandhi chose to make use of his expertise and opened two non-profit organizations, Crime Stoppers and Truth Labs, to enable people to fight crime and injustice. While the former helps address the grievances of the common man when it comes to crime information reporting while the latter is India's First Private Forensic Lab which already helped many victims directly in the speedy disbursal of justice besides helping Police, Courts, Banks, MNCs etc. He continues to work for this cause and hopes to see a crime free society some day.